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Big Sean - Hall of fame

The track list has been released! though some have the wrong title and they’re not all on there (Where’s GUAP?) but still, this is exciting!

1. ‘Fire
2. ‘World Is A Blaze
3. ‘Switch Up' feat. Common (Produced by DJ Mano)
4. ‘Untitled' feat. Lil’ Wayne
5. ‘F**k My Money Up (SAYITAINTONE)
6. ‘M.I.L.F.' feat. Juicy J (Produced by Da Internz)
7. ‘Nothing Is Stopping You
8. ‘First Chain' feat. Nas + Kid Cudi (Produced by No ID)
9. ‘Sierra Leonne' (Produced by No ID)
10. ‘Ashley' feat. Miguel (Produced by DJ Mano)
11. ‘Untitled' feat. Kanye West
12. ‘All Figured Out' (Produced by No ID)

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